Challenge to every students before you finish 12th Grade

Challenge to students to complete 12 tasks before you finish college !!

- Ujwal Thapa (Leader of Bibeksheel Party)


1) Do Internship: While studying, go to the world outside school-college once a year and work for free in any organization, business or campaign. Practical education is not available in our schools and colleges. Prepare for real life by doing 'internship'.

2) Draw talent: Start collecting resources for dance-song, drama or philanthropic work in college-school. Broaden your intellectual diversity, increase your confidence as soon as possible.

3) Learn about money: Learn how finance works in our lives (research how "compound interest" and "exponential function" work today. Prosperity gives us the freedom to pursue our dreams. So learn the basics. !

4) Donate: Make it a rule to donate at least 1 part of what you get. To be compassionate is to share what you have with strangers who do not know your worth.

5) Go on a trip: Visit the remote villages of Nepal's mountains, hills and lowlands, spend 2 weeks in each area. Only by knowing your country and your environment can you understand yourself. You will almost see the mpst astonishing views around. As you all know Nepal is one of the country which is reach in natural beauty. We can say Nepal the 8th wonder of the world and a earth inside a earth & there's a saying Heaven is myth and Nepal is real so one must go on a trip once in a while .

6) Be a Mentor: Take one of the students in your lower class on your shoulders and guide them. The same person can be a great guide for mankind after being guided on the right path in the early days of life.

7) Use of information: The right to powerful information. Find out if work is being done in your ward-toll - and how much budget has been spent on it. To hold your local government accountable is to be a responsible citizen. The strongest for that is for the citizen - the "right to information".

8) Join groups: Clubs, groups, networks that try to directly break down the barriers you are facing in school-college. There are eight things we can do alone, we can solve them together.

9) Don't be afraid of failure: You should try to make a CV or resume of failure. Why Behind every success is a series of failures. One most know failures is the first step towards the success. So we shouldn't focus on failure rather we should focus on the pathway towards success.

10) Play: Play backwards or start managing a sports team. This may be the best place to learn leadership in life. See, it is better to go alone to reach quickly, but to go far together. Isn't planning is the key to success?

11) Write: Create a Blog (Diary) and constantly describe your experiences and impulses in any other way. If you keep reflecting on your thoughts regularly, the purpose of life will finally become clear.

12) Be strong: Never give up when pursuing your dreams. In Nepal, those who are less qualified than you often take a strategy to defeat you. If you want to be successful, you need to be strong and confident.

If you put these tips into practice, you will become a hero to your family, friends and many more! Believe me

Ujjwal Thapa - Bibekshel Sajha
Ujjwal Thapa- Bibekshel Nepal

Whilst, sadly, God has taken you too soon away, your vision will continue to live on. You have left such a mark in the political discourse and culture in Nepal that all young politician regardless of parties will be forced to follow in the footsteps of doing politics in a non-convention way. You and your legacy was such a mainstream that it was never and will not be an alternative. Rest in peace Ujjwal Thapa, a co-founder of Bibeksheel Party.