King Mahendra- Nepal's heinous Criminal

The crimes committed  by King Mahendra Bir Bikram Shah

king mahendra
King Mahendra

Such heinous criminals of Nepal were "King Mahendra" whose conspiracy shocked not only Nepal but the whole world.

After all, sitting in such a small space, with limited weapons, how this man is doing so many scandals, let's get to know this man and the crimes he has committed:

His name was "Don MBBS - Mahendra Bir Bikram Shah".

The crimes, respectively.

1. Made fourteen zones and seventy-five districts.

2. Indian textbook ban in Nepal.

3. Stop the circulation of Indian currency.

4. Stop the presence of Indian Army in Nepal.

5. Stop Indian interference in water resources.

6. Commencement of five year plan.

7. Establishment of Rashtra Bank.

8. Arrangement of land reform.

9. The beginning of decentralization.

10. Mohiani Haq had adopted a policy against untouchability, caste discrimination and gender discrimination by announcing a new national law on September 20, 2006. Announcing the Land Reform Act in 1921 BS, he abolished the zamindari system and birta and secured the rights of land grabbers.

11. Establishment of Supreme Court.

12. Modernization of army and police.

13. Restriction on Indian Representation in Nepali Cabinet Meetings.

14. Establishment of Tribhuvan University is an important task towards the development of education. This work will eliminate the compulsion to go abroad for humanities and management education.

15. Establishment of Nepal Academy (today's Nepal Pragya Pratishthan) in 2014 BS is a basic task in the field of language, literature and culture.

16. Establishment of Royal Nepal Airlines 2014 is another important task. With the establishment of the above major institutions, many other institutions for the development of industry and commerce were set up.

17. The East-West Highway was an important gift of King Mahendra. Until the highway was built, the Indian route had to be used to travel from one district to another in the Terai. This situation was ended by building highways with foreign assistance.

18. Domestic dependence has been reduced by developing indigenous industries. Birgunj Sugar Factory, Agricultural Tools Factory, Janakpur Cigarette Factory, Bamboo Shoe Factory, Cement and Textile Industries were all established during his time.

19. Between 2007 and 2011, India's economic dependence was 95 percent. Mahendra brought it down to less than 60 percent. He made Nepal a self-reliant economy.

20. Establishing friendship with 53 nations by enhancing Nepal's diplomatic relations with the United States, Britain and India.

** If the above act of public interest was a crime, then Nepal today needs a similar 'criminal' national hero!

"King Mahendra" in the hearts of all Nepali !!