Make your children good human beings rather than making them big officers or businessmen

Make your children good human beings rather than making them big officers or businessmen
Make your children good human beings rather than making them big officers or businessmen

 Strange intoxication: I got out of bed in the morning, suddenly my chest started to hurt. Don't I have a heart disease? Thinking like this, I went to the next room, the living room. The whole family was busy on their mobile phones.

 I looked at my wife and said: Today my chest is hurting more than other days. Sweating profusely.. Scooty was not going straight…,
 At that time. Hari who works in our house came with a soon as he keyed the bicycle he saw me standing in front of him..what happened sir, the scooty didn't go straight?
 I said: Yes, the strat that I wanted to start from before did not happen.

 It seems that your health is not good sir.. Why is so much sweat coming out of your body? Hari started the scooty with one kick. And said: Sir, are you going to go alone?

 I said yes.
 He said:- You should not walk alone at such a time, sit down and I will deliver you. I said: Do you want to drive the scooty? Sir: "I have a vehicle license... don't worry.." Hold me and sit back. We reached the nearby Thapathali Norvik Hospital. Hari ran inside, and came out with a wheelchair.
 sir.. now don't walk Yash sit on the chair...
Hari's mobile phone was constantly ringing, I guessed that maybe my wife had done it, why didn't she come to work till now.

 Hari was treating me like a doctor should. Even without me telling him, he understood that I had a heart attack problem. The wheelchair was taken to the ICU through the lift...
 Doctor's team was ready, after hearing my problem, all the tests were done quickly...Doctors said: you came on used was very beneficial for you.
 Now waiting for others' way is very harmful for you, so without delay get rid of the blockage by heart surgery.

 This form requires the signature of your relative. I said: Hari will come to sign for you..? He said: "Sir, don't put such a big responsibility on me."
 Hari you have no responsibility.. Even though you are not my blood relation we have fulfilled our responsibility by bringing me here without my saying anything. That responsibility actually belonged to my family. Please complete one more responsibility Hari. I will write below, if anything goes wrong during the operation, I will be responsible myself. I will write that.

 After saying this, Hari signed.
 And call home and tell about me... Just then, Hari's mobile received a call from my wife; He listened silently to her…
After some time, Hari replied: Ma'am, even if you cut my salary, cut it, even if it takes me out of the house, but come to the hospital before starting the operation here. Madam, I have brought sir here to Thapathali Norvik Hospital, the doctor is preparing for the operation, come quickly….

 I said: Hari, did you get a call from home?
 Hari: Yes sir.
 I thought about my wife, what kind of salary cut did she talk about? How did you talk about getting kicked out of the house? With tears in his eyes, he placed his hand on Hari's shoulder and said: Don't worry, father. I will send you to an institution where the elderly are supported. There is a need for a person like you. Your job is not to wash dishes, but to do social service. Hari, you will get good salary there. So don't worry.
 I regained consciousness after the whole family was standing in front of me with bowed heads... I said with tears in my eyes: Where is Hari..?
 The wife said: He just asked me to leave and went to his village...

 He was saying that his father passed away due to a heart attack.. He said that he will come back after 15 days. I understood that he was in me from his father. Oh God, did you save me and take away his father? My whole family was begging me for forgiveness with folded hands.
 How far a mobile phone addiction can take a person inside their home. The whole family of the house is busy in their room on mobile phones, nobody cares about who went where and what is happening in the house. Mobile is the cause of conflict.
What did the mother-in-law say at home today, what did the brother-in-law say, what did the father-in-law say, the new daughter-in-law immediately tells her parents-in-law about the little things in the house. And on the advice of Maiti's mother, she behaves in the family as taught by her mother.. and as a result that. After quarreling with her husband, she snatches her children and goes to her mother-in-law's house and lives as her mother-in-law taught her that even if she lives in her husband's house for twenty years, she cannot annoy the whole family.

 The doctor came and said: First of all, tell me, Hari Bhai, what is your relationship? I said: Doctor Saab, it is better not to go into the name and depth of any relationship... The dignity of the relationship remains..,. Now I say this much that he came to me as God.
 Son Rakesh said: Forgive us father.. Hari fulfilled our duty. This is shameful for our children. From now on, we will never repeat such a mistake in the coming days.
 Actions and advice are meant to be given to people. When it comes time to take action, people try to argue. Now the matter of mobile..
 Son The inanimate toy has enslaved the living toy. The time has come to make good use of its limitations.

 If not;
 The family, society and the nation will have to suffer serious consequences and must be ready to pay the price. Education: Make your children good human beings rather than making them big officers or businessmen. Determine the timing of how much time you will look at your mobile phone at home. While your children are reading, turn off your mobile and try to read something. If possible, turn off the internet from 8 pm and give time to your children and family.